Aussi Platter [36 pieces] – $68.00

Cocktail pies, sausage rolls & pasties[veg] & served with tomato and bbq sauce

Asian Platter [120 pieces] – $68.00

Cocktail spring rolls[veg], curry puffs[veg] & dim sim served with sweet chilli and sweet soy sauce

Pizza Platter [32 pieces] – $68.00

Vegetarian[veg] or Meat Lovers

Seafood Platter [60 pieces] – $95.00

Tempura prawns, crumbed whiting goujons, crumbed calamari rings & served with tartare sauce

Hen House Platter [50 pieces] – $85.00

Oriental chicken bites, tandoori chicken skewers, devil chicken wings served with dipping sauces

Paddock Platter [50 pieces] – $85.00

Beef bites, King Island pies, beef kofta served with dipping sauces

Vegetarian Platter [75 pieces] – $80.00

Vegetable money bags, spinach & fetta triangles, samosas, spring rolls served with dipping sauces

Vegetarian Crudites & Dip Platter [veg gf] – [approx 120 pieces] – $68.00

Fresh fingers of carrot, cucumber, red & green capsicum & celery served with a salsa dipping sauce

Sushi Platter [veg gf] [20 pieces] – $80.00

Assorted or Vegetarian option available

We recommend one platter per 8 guests

Dip Plates – $30 each

Melba Toast with assorted toppings [25 pieces]

Dip of the Day with Turkish Bread fingers [25 pieces]

We recommend one platter per 4-6 guests


These can be served and charged on a fixed cost basis of $30.00 per person for 2 hours for Hahn Light, Hahn 3.5 & Toohey’s Extra Dry Draft Beers, Bottled Hardy’s Wines & Champagne plus Soft Drink


$45 per person for 2 hours for the above beers plus, 150 Lashes, Chancer, Tiger, Kilkenny, Guinness and 5 Seeds Cider. Bottled Hardy’s Wines & Champagne plus Standard Spirits [or premium beers] and Soft Drink. (These prices are based on a minimum 30 person for a minimum 3 hours) or you may prefer to be charged on a Consumption Basis (you only pay for what you consume).

Please note that a room hire fee is applicable on all private functions. Groups can be catered for in the public area free of charge.

The Forrest Centre Reception Centre (Rigby’s Bar & Bistro) abides by the regulations of the Perth City Accord. The Licensee reserves the right to refuse service of alcohol to any persons who clearly display the effects of excessive alcohol consumption. Any person/s displaying the effects of excessive alcohol consumption may be asked to leave the premises.

We are more than happy for you to use your credit cards when paying accounts, however, a surcharge of 4% will be incurred for use of Amex or Diners Cards and 2% for Visa and MasterCard.