Rigby’s Rump Steak … $10.95
Cooked medium and served with chips and gravy

Surf and Turf … $15.95
It’s Rigby’s Rump topped with calamari and a garlic cream sauce and served with chips

Beef and Guinness Pie … $14.95
Served with chips

Chicken Parmigiana … $19.95
Chicken Schnitzel topped with Neapolitan sauce & cheese served
with chips & salad


Margarita … $13.95
Fresh tomato sauce base with mozzarella, tomato slices and
torn basil

Farmhouse … $14.95
Fresh tomato base with seasoned beef, rasher bacon, and spiced
chicken topped with BBQ sauce

Mediterranean … $14.95
Fresh tomato sauce with chorizo, olives, fetta, sun dried tomato and a basil pesto dressing


Pumpkin Gnocchi … $13.95

Potato Gnocchi in a creamy pumpkin and spinach sauce
Portuguese Chicken … $13.95

Half roast chicken marinated in a peri peri sauce & served with chips

 Penne Al Forno … $14.95
Oven baked penne topped with béchamel sauce in a cheese bolognaise

Field Mushroom … $14.95
Field Mushrooms topped with zucchini, capsicum, eggplant, feta, kale pesto and Napolitano sauce


Toasted Turkish Bread with two Dips of the Day … $9.00

Basket of Chips … $9.00
Served with tomato dipping

Basket of Wedges … $12.00
Served with sour cream and sweet chilli

Rigby’s Grazing Plate for One … $15.95
Chorizo, vegetable spring rolls, samosas, marinated feta,
mixed olives served with grilled Turkish bread and chef’s dip of the day.

[Vegetarian option available]


Grilled Fish &­­ Chips … $14.95
Served with chips a lemon wedge and tartare sauce

Szechuan Spiced Squid … $14.95
Served with chips and homemade garlic aioli

Lemon & Herb Crusted Grilled Fish … $15.95
Served with fresh garden salad and tartare  sauce

Fish & Chips … $14.95
Light tempura battered & served with homemade tartare
sauce and chips

Seafood Board … $15.95
Battered fish, prawn twister, Szechuan calamari
and crab stick and chips


Rigby’s Burger … $19.00
Beef patty served on a toasted bun with, beetroot, tomato, lettuce,
caramelised onion, melted cheddar cheese and a light homemade
mayonnaise served with chips

Steak Burger … $19.50
Served on a slightly toasted bun with a homemade tomato chutney, lettuce,
tomato and topped with a bacon rasher and fried egg served with chips

Pulled Pork Sliders … $17.50
2 Slider Burgers served with coleslaw and chips


Chicken & Cashew Salad … $14.95
Roasted cashews, cherry tomato’s, olives, egg, herbed chicken
avocado, iceberg & mescalin lettuce tossed in balsamic mayo

Chorizo & Calamari Salad … $14.95
Cucumber, red onion, cherry tomato’s, parsley, carrot, mescalin lettuce,
calamari tossed in a light vinaigrette with grilled chorizo


Side Salad … $4.50

Side of Chips … $6.00

Extra Sauce [Mushroom, Pepper, aioli or Gravy] … $2.00