Corporate Murder Mystery Events in Perth

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Rigby’s is Perth’s exclusive venue of original Agatha Christie-style Murder Mystery dinner theatre, with sell-out public shows. Now, local businesses and private groups have the chance to experience their very own ‘murder’ for team building, themed functions, incentives or social club events.

The Team Building Magic of Murder Mystery

In the commercial world, clear communication is vital. And so is the gathering of correct information from clients, suppliers and work colleagues. Working together as a cohesive team, with clear allocation of team roles, is also a key to success in any business.

Acclaimed UK murder mystery company, Cluedunnit has worked with numerous corporate clients over the years in sectors such as banking & finance, accountancy, insurance, and law/legal advice.

They have adapted their popular Murder Mystery ‘dinner theatre’ productions to reinforce learnings and team building around subjects such as open questioning techniques, fact finding, time management and team roles – skills essential for employees and management to thrive in today’s fast-paced commercial environment.

Kipling once wrote:

“I keep six honest serving men
(they taught me all I knew)
Their names are WHAT and WHY and WHEN
And HOW and WHERE and WHO”

During our two-hour corporate murder mystery events, various teams are given small pieces of information or clues. The rest of the information needed to solve the crime and discover the true murderer MUST be obtained by using ‘open questions’. Attendees must also time-manage the proceedings, in order to reach the desired result in the given time allocated.

We can even customise roles, so that only certain team members can request information at any given time, encouraging team roles and responsibilities to be adaptable and responsive.

Cluedunnit Murder Mysteries offer serious learning, presented in a humorous and relaxed manner.

Rigby’s offers the option of venue sizes to cater to groups of any size. Menus and beverage packages can be tailored to suit your group, event and budget.

Contact us to make an enquiry about Murder Mystery private shows or to book a viewing of our unique venue.



“We thought that they made the occasion unforgettable.  Have to give Gavin and Robbie credit for also giving us plenty of time to chat over dinner, they kept the action and fun going without monopolising things; we felt they judged the whole thing beautifully.  We were able to give our continentally European colleagues the full English experience – who could ask for anything more!” 
Hilary O’Connor, Partner, SJ Berwin London

“Many Thanks…another great success”

“One of the best Team Building Events we have run! Great feedback from all delegates”
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